Chasing chickens

IMG-20150929-00738Yes, I know, it doesn’t look too good. There’s a story behind it. The previous owner of the farm promised to leave me two chickens to get started. He ended up leaving me three. A rooster and hen matching pair and another hen that he could not catch on the night he removed all his chooks. They ended up being a rather scraggly bunch mainly because he had too many roosters and the poor girls were ravaged daily by the brutes. They are missing a lot of back feathers and were riddled with fleas. Hence the freshly dipped chook you see in the picture. After de-sanitising the hen house and run each chicken got a bath. This is no easy feat when you can’t catch a chicken. That’s my problem. It’s not an easy thing at all and my natural reaction when something squawks and flaps at me is to back off. Luckily I had some help from Victor our farm hand. Once the chooks like me again I may be able to get close for a few better pictures. Luckily they have very poor memories.


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