Farm noise

When one fantisizes about farm life one imagines a gentle breeze, roosters in the distance, a few cows mooing and a bird call or two. In reality when living on an agricultural farm the noise levels are quite high. Neighbours pumping water, spraying crops, trucks, graders, tractors. Our chain saw working all day at the moment and drills drilling holes in our wall for the electric fence. This morning early before most noises are too harsh I nearly popped out of my skin as a HUGE yellow machine flew RIGHT past my bedroom window.  I dashed outside with my camera to catch a few shots. These are taken with a regular lens, no magnification.



Yep our neighbours were spraying. I couldn’t believe how low this brave pilot flew.  This last shot if you can see (bad pic) how low he was when he turned on his sprays. 


Awesome to watch.


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