Weather out of whack

Be it global warming, El Nino or the sins of the world (and I have heard all blamed) our weather has been really crazy this past month or two. With snow in mid summer in the Cape and heat waves in the north at the same time, a horrendous drought with trees and grass dying on the farm and a horrific hail storm on my other farm in Hoedspruit one has no clue what weather to expect each day.  The hail storm in Hoedspruit has wreaked havoc for farmers with both crops of citrus and mangoes being totally destroyed, houses and cars have been severely damaged by hail stones as big as baseballs.  I will be going up next week to start repairs on the chalet roofs and replacing the carport roof.  Sadly we will now most probably have to sacrifice our new veranda to pay for the repairs.

In the midst of the extreme dry heat here we have been able to bag up 1000 macadamia nut trees to start our crop all due to the generosity of our neighbours, Ben and Lianna. We have been given a tremendous kick-start by getting these trees. Our water restrictions are tight but we have been able to keep these babies wet, thank goodness.



How has the weather been affecting you?


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