New life

We have been most surprised at the abundant bird life on Sage Hill. A large variety of colourful birds display to us daily.  Last week I found a tiny nest with two dark green eggs in it, perched precariously in an old plastic plant pot which had been shoved into the cavity of a dead tree stump.


Due to so much going on in our lives I was unable to identify who lived there until today when I set aside some time to watch the nest.  First I took a peek to see if the eggs were still there.


One egg and one very newborn chick. 
Bob’s was convinced that the nest belonged to the ever present paradise flycatchers however I was not so sure having had a similar experience with them in Hoedspruit. The egg colour is very different if I remember correctly.

I sat myself down with camera in hand to wait for momma bird to pop in and show herself. I realised that I still need to work on my patience issues. There is absolutely no ways I could be a private detective.  🙂  Finally she arrived with food for her baby and I was able to identify her immediately.


Meet mommy white-browed robin-chat.


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