Half way there…….

In our house coffee mugs and glasses don’t last very long. In fact we don’t have any that are more than two or three years old because we break them frequently,  with one exception, 20 years ago I was given this mug by brother in law and sister in law on my 30th birthday. This mug has travelled in aeroplanes and ships in containers and crossed oceans and lived in Europe for a while before returning to its beloved Africa. I remember being so fearful of my 30th birthday and the wording on the mug seemed slightly antagonising to me for that reason. Today I turn 50 without that fear of aging strangely.  I think because my 30’s turned out to be so wonderful I can now look forward with anticipation to the next 20 exciting years on our lovely farm with my Bobs by my side. Blessed indeed. Thank you to all of you who have made this “trip” so delightful.



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