Hospital talk

A week ago dear Josh, our german short haired pointer, got hold of a chicken who had unfortunately managed to get into our yard. She is the momma hen of the babies featured in my video a few weeks ago. He bit open the back of her neck and left a few gaping holes in her bottom before I could get her away from him. The back of her neck was raw and open and many feathers were missing.  I was alone at home and was really not sure if I should euthanize her or try to help her. The prognosis didn’t seem good. The same day my son popped in for a visit and I got him to bring the hen inside and I popped her in a crate and medicated her wounds. I didn’t think she would last the night.  Each day I have been cleaning her up and hoping that she would recover. I think she was in quite a bit of pain and shock as she sat very quietly and didn’t move for days. I was able to keep her wounds looking good and have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the wounds have been healing. Yesterday she found her voice again and we now have gentle pok pok poks coming from our spare bedroom. She has started eating again and it seems she may just recover from her awful experience.



2 thoughts on “Hospital talk

  1. Rather late in the day to comment but this reminds me of one of our chickens many years ago who was bitten deeply in her back by a stray dog. The vet said that she should pay us as she did not really know what to do: however, she filled each deep hole right up with antibiotic powder and then stitched the top of each hole. And the wounds healed beautifully and the chicken, it was a prize cockerel, lived for many more years. I hope your little hen does just as well. Good for you for giving her the chance:)


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