A new year starts on the farm

Although we have been extremely busy on the farm there is not too much to report  on.  The cottage build is quite far by now and we are almost finished plastering inside



During the holiday period we spent some time on little fixes in the prefab house we are staying in temporarily. The house was in a poor state of repair but with minimal work its looking a lot better. Adding a ceiling fan and a few light fittings makes a huge difference when there were bare globes hanging from the ceiling.  We have also started painting the window frames. What a difference that makes.



A friend asked if we had painted the entire house because it looks so much better. Amazing what a difference the window frames make.

Chicken update.  My sick hen that was mauled by Josh is back with the flock. 2 weeks in ICU (our spare room) and one week in high care (isolation cage) and she is all healed but still sadly lacking any type of tail feather. I hope they come back in.  We also have 4 tiny new babies that hatched on Monday.  Well,  the holidays are over now so our rent-a-rooster must be returned and we can get down to the serious business of laying eggs.


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