Crooked little house

Because we are moving up to the main farm house a month earlier than anticipated we have a few urgent tasks that need to get done on our current house before we can let it out. Today we had to removed a superflous door going nowhere and brick up the resulting hole.

We called in our trusty farm hand, Victor, who had been asking for a bit  of extra pocket money , to assist us. He is a good builder. Thank goodness we did. You see our little house is very crooked so to build something straight and level on to it is almost impossible.  Already the brickwork on this house has been done using 3 different kinds of brick. We tried to match them best we could.  The existing brickwork on both sides of the door did not match up with each other on both axis.

The door


The door removed.


Here you can see how crooked the brick lines are.

It took some ingenious brick work and a bit of cheating to get a reasonably straight looking wall.  Don’t look to close!



Good job done and now we have a kitchen door for the big farm house.


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