General update

Building continues on cottage 4. We are almost done. A bit of plumbing, facia boards, cupboards and lots of painting and it will be ready for occupation. 
On the chicken front although we have beefed up security we are still getting the odd murder by a genet.  And the girls are either on strike or something is pinching eggs.  One of the teenagers has taken on the job of trying to eat my toes every time I go into the run. I have resorted to the odd smack to make her stop.

Water has been a huge issue with the crocodile river almost dry and water restrictions. I am thankful our trees are not yet in the ground. This drought has been relentless till two days ago when we had some lovely soaking rains. This past weekend we went to Johannesburg to attend my little sisters wedding.  While we were there we received a frantic call from Victor saying there was no water in our tank and that the borehole was not pumping. We got two neighbours to have a look for us and they confirmed that there was power to the hole so it was either a dry borehole or a dead pump, both of which would be crises for us.  We returned a day early and got the experts out only to find a little wire had melted. What a relief. Our tenants were also very pleased as they had not had showers for three days.

Today I propagated 30 bougainvllias.  We would like to grow a few hedges to hide some fencing. It’s the first time I have done this so I hope they take. 


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