A few weeks back I was approached by Mellissa Bushby of Get It Magazine – Lowveld who asked if she could interview  me for an article in the mag. My immediate gut reaction was to panic and say no.  I still struggle to grasp why folk even read my blog, however underneath it all I do feel I have a story to tell and a message to spread.  I am not a greenie activist however strongly I believe in the cause, it is not my calling to be an activist in this life time, but, I should not give up a chance to spread the word if it is offered to me on a platter.  The second reason I accepted was because Mellissa has been a long time reader of my previous blog, The Slowvelder, and she writes incredibly well. If anyone could make me sound good it would be her.
On the appointed day Mellissa and Nicolene,  a photographer from the magazine, arrived and we settled in for a chat. The hours flew by and I had a lovely morning with them on the farm. The following article is the result. I hope you enjoy it. Click here to read it online (and for a very cool pic of Cleo and our bird life)



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