Cottage Kitchen

So the new cottage is practically complete, but I have been holding off posting pictures as the chaos of unpacking leave all rooms and even the veranda looking rather messy still. As soon as things are all in their place I will take some pics. The kitchen however is all done and ready to be shown off. As mentioned before, it was designed by Colleen Wall (Codi Kitchens). Sadly we had to downscale it a little to keep within budget so no granite tops and no glass in the cupboard doors and no bulkhead. It still turned out beautifully and what I love the most about Colleen’s designs is that the spacing is so well thought out.

The kitchen was  manufactured and installed by Jannie Minny of JMWOOD in Nelspruit.




The view of the mountain does enhance the scene too. With the windows sliding wide open a fresh breeze makes one feel that you are almost outside while preparing your food.  Mom and Dad are very happy with it and tonight we are invited to dinner.


2 thoughts on “Cottage Kitchen

  1. I’ll design again for you any day of the week Jax. You out complete faith in my abilities and experience, and gushed every time we did changes to the design. Makes what I do worthwhile when working with a client (BFF) like you.

    Simply can’t wait to design your own kitchen next!!!

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