Fire break and ring road

Today we started on our fire break and ring road.


Winter fires in our area can wreak havoc on farms in our area damaging crops and fences. The previous owner of our farm did not often clear the farm of long grass and flammable scrub with the result that winter fires raged through the farm damaging the neighbours fences etc. In order to protect our fencing, our neighbours fencing and his pecan and macadamia crop, ( and our reputation with the neighbours 🙂 ) we are running a fire break right around our farm against the fence line. This should stop any fires jumping onto our land or from our land to our neighbours. The resulting “road” around the farm will be necessary anyway once we plant our crops and also comes in very handy for running the dogs.  There are some very bushy areas at the bottom of the farm that will be great to get through too.


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