Keeping clean

If you followed my old blog “the slowvelder”, you would already know how interested I am in becoming more self sufficient. That means I need to make things from scratch when and where I can. I have been really slack with this lately. I have also found myself being more and more interested in my diet and trying to move away from unnecessary chemical exposure where I can.

A few months back I decided to move away from using conventional toothpaste for various reasons, one of them being flouride to which I am not partial (in excess of course).  After looking at a few options in health stores I decided to rather make my own. It’s been an interesting experiment and I am pleasantly surprised at the results. If you are interested in looking into this its worth googling. There are lots of videos and websites where they even claim to be able to remineralisze  damaged teeth. The jury is still out on that however I am enjoying better gum health.

Today I have started my “no shampoo” challenge. The boggling list of nasties visible on the back of most shampoo bottles is my motivator. Our skin is our biggest organ and we absorb all of these chemicals into our bodies. Whether they are classified as detrimental or not, I would prefer not to have them in me.  With encouragement from one of our neighbours, Tarryn, who follows this method also, I washed my hair in bicarb water and conditioned with apple cider vinegar water (with an essential oil to mask the smell a bit 🙂 ) . It is important to do both as bicarb does make your hair too alkaline so one needs the vinegar to return the pH to one your hair and skin enjoy.

I used these two products



I mixed 2 tbs bicarb with 6tbs water and rubbed it through wet hair and left it for a minute or two before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. I then rinsed with a 1:4 acv and water mix (cold) with a few drops of bergamot essential oil. Do not rinse the vinegar water off your hair.

So far so good. I am going to stick with this for a month or two to see how I like it.  Following results on the internet folk either love it or hate it. I will let you know.


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