We are a couple in our late prime who have bought a small farm where we hope to live out our dream of becoming more self sufficient. Bobby and I (Jackie) have many tasks ahead of us, including major renovations, starting a farm from scratch and working towards a more self sustainable life.


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  1. Visiting your blog today. Looks like you have a big dream like we do – homesteading; growing food, keeping chickens and working towards sustainability. Its a big job but it had big rewards as well. Our greatest challenge is doing this at ages 65 and 70!! I’d like to read more about how one does this in a dry and arid climate such as yours. Thank you for visiting my blog, http://thesmallhouseunderabigskyhomestead.wordpress.com

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    • Thanks so much for popping by. I am really enjoying breading your blog. Water will always be an issue here in Africa. We are fortunate to have water rights from two nearby rivers. Pumping water from the rivers costs a small fortune though. One has to add it in to your electricity or fuel budgets.


      • Reply on New Life. wow I think you have mixed up your robin-chats. this is a Cape Robin Chat. The White throated Robin Chat has no orange and grey breast. Dont know any bird calld White browed Robin Chat.


  2. Haha. it seems that I have made a boo boo. Sorry about that. Yes I too have Roberts Bird Guide but did not look beyond the CapeRobin-Chat. We all learn sometime. Love


  3. I will never be a part of you, but its nice to see what you will be. Around me? There’s nothing but dust,ground up and ready to use in a curry.


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